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As You know providing the needs of your customer base is essential for success.  The East Bay has a fast growing population of Central Asian ,(Desi, Afghan, & Middle Eastern Population). Fremont is the largest diaspora of Afghans in the world outside of Afghanistan. We are here and ready to assist your store in providing products that they know, love, and trust. Ariana Products has been serving this population for over 30 years.


A TASTE OF HOME is more than a slogan, We've mastered traditional recipes using only the finest ingredients creating authentic Afghan Foods


The Ariana brand is Recognized brand in the US ethnic Afghan foods sector and has a growing presence in several metropolitan Canadian and European cities.


​A proud family owned and operated business

of 30 years based in northern California specializing in the wholesale of specialty Afghan and Mediterranean foods, baked goods, dried fruits, nuts, teas, rices, coffees, creams, spreads, jams, honey, classic treats, sweets and more. 


Many of our products are organic and come from third world countries such as Afghanistan where proceeds will help local farmers build their livelihoods and support their families.


Food safety and quality control are paramount to our philosophy. From the purchase of raw materials to arrival of imported foods to the shipping of finished products worldwide, we make sure to stringently check every step of the process. 

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Delights from a world-away

It is said that nothing can substitute for experience and we at Ariana Sweets can attest to that first hand. We have experience in producing and wholesaling Afghani sweets and foods, importing rare ethnic delicacies from the farthest corners of the world, and serving a wide array of customers in North America. 


As a small and expanding business, we also feel a great sense of social responsibility. To do our share for the environment, we use recycled plastics and cartons for our packaging, use “smart” power industrial supplies for less energy, and low flow mechanisms for our water equipments.

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